Monday, January 5, 2009

Moyuko gets hitched!

I returned to Bangkok, after a nice holiday with my mum and niece, just to "witness" my friend Moyuko get hitched to Wattana.

It was a lovely and cozy wedding in DOn Bosco's Catholic Church in Petcheburi on Sunday, 4 January 2009.

The bride and bridegroom planned and did everything themselves, from organising the attendance of their two families - one from Tokyo and the other from Udonthani - to sewing the wedding dress, printing the misalletes, bride's bouquet, to making the wedding souvenirs - japanese sweets wrapped in a tiny photo of the wedded couple in traditional Japanese attire.

It was really sweet and I was the witness to the wedding - had to sign my name on the marriage registry and all. Wow!

No one gave the bride away - Moyuko held Wattana's arm and both of them marched to the alter - looking perfect as newly weds, while their families on both side of the pew looked on with glowing eyes.

Only close friends were invited, other than immediate family members. Hehey! We were the privileged ones. I believe this is the best way to celebrate one's union with the other.

I do shy away from big, busy and noisy marriage ceremonies. But I guess they do serve their purpose as well, especially for those living in large communities.

Bless them.

I am happy for Moyuko and Wattana. And wish them all the love and happiness in the world!


Kartikey said...

Hi, Moyuko sent me the link to your blog.
It feels nice to read about her from a person other than Moyuko herself... [ha..ha]

I remember how in India she was armed with her camera as she made some stunning photographs and often provided some tips.

And now she has been caught pretty on the camera.


Brett said...

Great post